Growth is finite –
Values are forever

I'm trying to figure out how to reshape our communities to build the post-growth society we all desperately need. I love design thinking, non-violent communication and connecting with people.
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Me in a nutshell

This is what I believe in and what I am good at. Check out these bullet points to learn how I approach my life, strife and future wife.

Values and perspective

· Humans are good – systems shape outcomes
· Many current systems are causing more harm than good
· New and adjusted systems are our path forward

Design thinking

· Exploring ideas creatively
· Navigating complexity
· Synthesising key results

Non-violent communication

· Rigorous self-reflection
· Active and empathetic listening
· Honest and careful expression

My life after university


Apr. 2022–now
Started my own business by accident. Just wanted to help some friends and acquaintances to set up their new business. My work includes: market research, brand development workshops, design and implementation for start-up websites.


Mar. 2022–Aug. 2022 · 6 months
Quit my job and apartment in Berlin to move to the countryside in rural Brandenburg. Today I still live in the old concrete factory in Stolpe with my 10 roommates.

Tierarzt Plus Partner

Jun. 2018–Feb. 2022 · 3 years 9 months
Business Development Consultant
Jan. 2022–Feb. 2022 · 2 months
Continuation of my previous activities in a consultant position with less hours and completely remote. Sabbatical phase for more time for myself and new projects.
Business Development Manager
Oct. 2018–Dec. 2021 · 3 years 3 months
Building Tierarzt Plus Partner in 3 years: from being the first employee to 40 locations with over 800 colleagues. For an overview of my various responsibilities and projects, please visit my LinkedIn profile.
Find me on LinkedIn
Market research
Jun. 2018–Sep. 2018 · 4 months
Supporting analysis of the German veterinary market prior to the official founding of the company.


Jan. 2017–Aug. 2017 · 8 months
Solo backpacking trip through Australia and South-East Asia. Most memorable experiences: climbing Mount Beerwah in the Glass House Mountains, a 30 hour trip by bus, tuk-tuk, pick-up, boat and bike from Phonsavan to Don Det, and a 10 day Vipassana in Pyin Oo Lwin.

My education and some interesting stuff

Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg

Oct. 2012–Sep. 2016 · 4 years
B.Sc. Media and Communication Studies (Grade 1.9): My quick and intuitive decision to study in my hometown turned out not to be the best idea I ever had. I enjoyed some subjects like media psychology a lot and met some of my best friends. Would not do it again, though.

Emlyon Business School, Lancaster University, LMU München

Jul. 2018–Sep. 2018 · 4 months
Applied for the Management European Triple Degree with GMAT 650 and IELTS 8.5/9 and got admitted with a scholarship. I decided to turn down this prestigious opportunity and stayed in Berlin to start my career at Tierarzt Plus Partner. I have not regretted this once.


Mar. 2019–now
Turned my love for music into a practical hobby. Usually playing at small to medium sized parties and events. Genres: Techno, Tech House and Downtempo, always emotional and melodic.

Living in a community

Jan. 2022–now
Moving to the old concrete factory in Stolpe was a spontaneous decision and turned out to be one of the best in recent memory. Living with this colorful group of people gave me so many insights into essential topics like diversity, consent and awareness.

My hometown Würzburg

Mar. 1994–now
Born in March 1994 in Würzburg, I spent the first 22 years of my life in this lovely university town in Lower Franconia. After some testing years while studying my Bachelor’s, I learned to love it again and now thoroughly enjoy returning for visits.

I'm addicted to connections

And always looking for exciting opportunities to create, collaborate and share. 
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